Use Viral Search Traffic To Help You Make Money Online!

Did you know that you can use to get your website displayed on the first line of search engine results in less than 60 seconds? At least the supplied program email that you get suggests that. I have just started with the program itself and I like the search engine. As far as an increase in my page rank and traffic … well, I will report my results in a later post. Try it and let me know what you think and what kind of results that you get. I’m using it right now. It is reported to be absolutely revolutionary. Check it out and grab a free account here: Viral Search Traffic

I like the features of cocoSearch., which is the name of the search engine software. You will get the same results that you get from Google, with a new display and features. Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think about this part of the program too, or not … totally up to you. Try cocoSearch. Now I’m not getting any money for any of this. This is all just about getting more traffic to your website, and you get a higher ranking in the search engines … which will get you more traffic … which will make you more money online!

What have we got to loose for trying something that is free? Besides, it looks like fun … and after all, that is part of what this is all about too … right?



Update of Online Money Making Scams

This short update is just to let you know that I will be adding new content that relates to online scams. There are new additions in the works. I hope all of your online businesses are successful and that you have been free from internet scams.

Your internet business friend … Dave


Unexpected Money In My INBOX?!

I was sitting here going through my email like I usually do every night when I opened up a message from a Traffic Exchange. Yes, I use Traffic Exchanges too. They keep me updated with what programs people are using and how exchanges are being used, as well as getting views to this website.

OK … the email said that I had money coming to me! MONEY … I didn’t do anything special to be getting money, especially the unexpected kind. The Traffic Exchange is Froggy Hits and I have exchanged several emails with Louise Deavin, the owner. She is friendly, her Traffic Exchange is fun to use, and you may get $20 into your account like I did … maybe more/maybe less. In any case you should consider an addition to your traffic management.

There are some other really cool additions to my traffic management that I will address later but this one made some money, and isn’t that what Making Money Online is all about :)

… Dave


Having trouble … Making Money Online?

Has anyone ever told you that you can’t make money online or that what you are doing is stupid, or anything even similar to that? You can apply what is in this post to ANY ASPECT of your life, not just making money online (although that is what this is mostly about).

I thought I would share something I discovered while revisiting Holly Mann’s sale page for Honest Riches (something I highly recommend), and is the main topic of a post on this website. If you are discouraged by what others are saying, or about how fast your business is growing … or are just discouraged about how your life is going. First keep in mind who won the turtle vs the hare race. Then remember the following quotes by a few famous people, and also what was said about the people in the video. Just keep in mind the personalities of those quoted and the era in which they were given.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather, to become a man of value.”
- Albert Einstein


“We can have anything we want in life if we’re willing to help enough other people get what they want.”
- Zig Ziglar


“The secret to success is to find out where people are going … and get there first”
– Mark Twain

When you have some difficulties [if you haven’t already :-) ] … remember what was said to these individuals, as you watch the video, … and that someone, somewhere, said “Keep On Trucking” … towards YOUR goals whatever they may be.

Your Internet Marketing Friend … Dave


Affiliate Marketing Information …

This is for all you affiliate marketers out there.  You may have seen information on affiliate conventions, one for the West in Las Vegas and the one for the East has already taken place.

Peter Shankman, Founder & CEO of The Geek Factory, delivered the Tuesday keynote address at Affiliate Summit East 2009. Access the video of that keynote address here.

There will be two keynote speakers for Affiliate Summit West 2010: Dr. Robert Cialdini and Brian Clark.

All of the booths to advertise at the Affiliate Summit West 2010 are sold out but you can still …

Register Now for Affiliate Summit West 2010 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas (January 17-19, 2010).

Where: Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas
When: January 17-19, 2010
Pricing: Platinum Pass ($1,249), Gold Pass ($549), Silver Pass ($149)

Click on the Affiliate Summit West 2010 link above for more information.

It will be an informative, fun time … Dave


Mary Gersten Or The Global Cashflow Network … Is An Internet Home Business Joke That Steals Money From People!

This is an update because I just happened to stumble on more information quite by accident.  Hopefully you will have read this BEFORE you give ‘Mary Gersten’ any of your money.  I found several articles with regards to the way ‘Mary Gersten’ steels your money.  I have reprinted just part of one of them here with a link to their complete article.

Global Cashflow Networks makes several marketing products, the main one being the certified media placement specialist plan. The average cost is between $2,000 and $5,000 including the advertising package. They use two unknown “trust” web sites with no Google pagerank to establish credibility. This is because at the Better Business Bureau they have an F rating with over 46 complaints. They also paid Ed Magedson at his fee and all their complaints were turned into praise and endorsements. After reading the rest of this post come back and click HERE to see the complete article. When you get there make sure you read the comments below the article. Unbelievable!

I really don’t like negatives so I am going to make this short. As the title above suggests, this ‘online opportunity’ isn’t bad, it’s ugly … so you need to stay away from this one if only for the protection of your money. If you only want to learn how to place media (send emails, printed advertisements, post cards, etc. – I did all of that) fine, … then only spend the $250 they charge to learn how to do that. But DO NOT spend the extra thousands that the ‘media coaches’ say that you need to spend in order to make really big money. I spent a total of $3,000 with Mary Gersten only to make a whopping $100. Mary Gersten’s media coaches are only there to talk you out of your money, in order to pay for a brand new building full of ‘media coaches’.  In short – set your money on fire. At least you will get warm by the fire.

It may be a little disappointing to get two posts in a row that are on the negative side of the coin, but I believe my job here, is to save as many people from loosing as much of their money as possible. I have made that a priority on my blogs. If you have got some experience with products or services let me know. I would even let you post a comment with a link back to your website if it is worth wile to someone’s pocketbook. What I don’t want to do is to check out products that you are just trying to sell (I will personally check it out the story anyway before it is posted). I am doing this because I am sick and tired of people that hide behind a website, lie to people because they are only out to steal as much money that they can get their hands on. I’ve made a little money and I’ve lost money, I just want to level the playing field a little. I’m sorry for getting on such a high soapbox, but I feel that it’s time the little guy deserves a break

There will be more information to come … not all bad I promise. Hopefully though this post and the previous one saved you some money.

Sincerely, Dave Carlson

PS. There is another good resource to help with decisions about this Online Business thing and that is the IM Report Card. Click the previous link and check them out. It is a favorite place of mine to check out business opportunities.  A report about that website will be here soon.

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